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Kim C Services offers a range of specialized services to meet your different needs.

Through services at our office, family mediation,  family coaching within your home, or conferences, we support individuals, parents and children to maintain, restore and develop their balance.

  • You are going through a difficult period
  • Your children are driving your crazy
  • Your couple is struggling
  • You have decided to break up
  • Single parenting weighs you down
  • Co-parenting is not obvious
  • Your dream of rebuilding a family is not going according to plan

Whether you have a problem to solve, are looking for some parenting tips or want to revise an agreement or legal judgment, contact us and we will begin working together to achieve your goal. 


Give us a call 514 779-0721

The first contact with us, will give you the opportunity to better understand the different services offered by Kim C Services. This step is very important to us. This is why your first telephone consultation of (30) thirty minutes is completely free.


Our Expertise

Kim Cairnduff will support you to maintain, restore and develop balance and your joie de vivre in different fields:

  • Individual, couple and family support
  • Family Coaching within your home (Super Nanny)
  • Parental cohesion and parenting skills
  • Discipline, routine and behavioural problems
  • Anxiety, attention deficit disorder and opposition
  • Crisis situation and Coping
  • Bullying, Victimization, Empowerment
  • Socialization and self-esteem
  • Couples breakup, separation and divorce
  • Family Mediation
  • Crisis management and conflict management ...


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