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Family Coaching within your home 

Coaching familial Services Kim C


Raising children can be challenging at times. Parenting is said to be the toughest job which we receive the least training for. And just when we get a handle on things, kids grow older and change to another phase!

From toddlers to teenagers, Kim C Services offers tips and advice to help you deal with the tough situations so you can go back to having fun with your children. Within your family structure, our family coach will help you empower yourself as a parent.


Because we all need a little coaching sometimes Coaching familial - Kim Cairnduff

We assess your family or parenting challenges in the comfort of your home, ideally during your most challenging times. We then pinpoint solutions and provide tools and resources identified especially for you. And finally, as we are well aware that the most difficult part of change is maintaining consistency; we remain available and offer ongoing support during the learning process as long as you need it.  


Coaching is quick, highly effective and affordable


The procedure  

  • The objective of the evaluation meetings is to paint a picture of the situation, identify your needs and establish your priorities. This first step consists of collecting data. Through questionnaires, discussions, educational games with parents and children, and this in the comfort of your home, we collect all the information that will allow us to fully understand your situation. This step is essential to the proper planning of a personalized action plan.
  • During the action plan development meeting, we specify your objectives and the intervention tools and strategies to be implemented. We then share with you our hypotheses, our analysis, our perception of the situation. We validate everything with you in order to have a complete and realistic understanding. Then together, we create an action plan based on clear, measurable and observable objectives. We offer different means, tips and tricks that suit you and that are in line with your skills and values.
  • Follow-up and update meetings are used to ensure the smooth running of the action plan. We validate the implementation of tips and tricks, in short, the means previously identified in the action plan. The proposed intervention process is there for dynamic and depends on your successes and difficulties.  At any time, adjustments can be made to the original action plan.
  • During the assessment meeting, we review the achievement of the objectives set. We identify ways to maintain your successes and identify new goals as needed.


Psychoéducation au domicile


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