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Coparenting coaching after seperation 


Whether it is ordered by the court, suggested by your lawyer or decided on your own, co-parental coaching aims to allow parents who are separated, divorced or who have made the decision to no longer live together, to arrive at a co-parenting style that is mutually satisfactory and that takes into account the needs and interests of the children as well as the needs and means of each parent.  

The objectives of the coaching are to help parents to reduce conflicts between them, to discover effective negotiation strategies, to make joint decisions affecting their child, to plan the methods of sharing parental time and to improve the experience of life of their child during separation, both present and future. 

Co-parenting coaching guides parents to explore different and effective ways to exercise co-parenting. Mutual support, respect of differences, clear division of tasks, shared parental responsibilities and duties, as well as ways of managing conflicts between them are themes that we address.  

Co-parental coaching can also be aimed at parents who have decided to form a blended family. Together we will find strategies and tools that make it easier for everyone to adapt so that you can build strong marital and family ties while respecting those that already existed.  

So whether it is for parents who are ending their couple and who want to adapt to their new co-parenting role or for new spouses who want to unite their children under the same roof, co-parental coaching will support you in these new challenges. 

As a co-parental coach, our accredited family psychoeducator and mediator, Ms. Kim Cairnduff, acts in an impartial and caring manner, representing neither of you, but has the role of helping you to achieve a mutually satisfactory co-parenting. 

To do this you agree to be transparent, accept that the discussion will take place in a climate of cooperation where each of you will respect the other and will work to find solutions that will be of mutual interest and more particularly in the best interests of your children. 

This service is not an assessment, but a support offered to parents who have ended their marital relationship and wish to continue their parenting in harmony. Family coaching at home can be added to the process if necessary.




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