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Online services


Online services


Thanks to the online formula, you have access to a professional from your home or workplace. In addition to saving time and money associated with avoided travel costs, you choose the place of your meetings.  No need to be an expert with technologies, because the procedure is simple and fast. To connect, you have the choice of using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The meetings are carried out by videoconference which increases the quality and security of online meetings. To protect the confidentiality of interviews, a headset with microphone is ideal.


You have decided to separate and you do not know where to start; or you are in the process of separation and do not want to spend time and energy in the justice system; or you've been separated for quite a while now, but can't resolve some recurring conflicts.

Family mediation and co-parenting coaching foster a spirit of collaboration rather than confrontation and have many advantages:

  • promotion of communication and cooperation,
  • the possibility for parents to control the decisions which will affect the life of their family,
  • saving time and money compared to legal proceedings,
  • avoiding public disclosure of family problems through the confidentiality of meetings,
  • and the reduction of children's stress by reducing parental conflicts.

 With over 30 years of experience in the field of Health and Social Services, Kim Cairnduff's role as an accredited family mediator and co-parental coach, is:

  • to help you negotiate an amicable agreement in the interest of all family members;
  • to assure both parents that the solutions chosen are just, equitable and that they are implemented in compliance with the laws;
  • to write up a draft agreement which will serve as a reference document for parents, or for judicial homologation if that is their wish.

Online servicesMs. Cairnduff will guide your negotiations in an impartial manner and create a climate which will favour exchanges; help you communicate effectively throughout the discussions; and will accompany you in search of viable and lasting solutions which will contribute to the reorganization of your personal and family life.


The subjects usually covered are:

  • Children's presence time with each parent
  • The sharing of financial responsibilities and alimony
  • The division of property and family patrimony
  • Parenting after separation
  • Important decisions concerning education, health and general well-being which may have an impact on the present and future lives of children.
  • All other important questions you may have

Research shows that compliance towards mediation agreements is higher than judgments imposed by the courts and that legal proceedings are less frequent after divorce.


The Quebec Ministry of Justice subsidizes a certain number of sessions when you have dependent children.

Your first phone consultation of 30 minutes is free.

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