Individual or couple counseling


Life sometimes leads to difficulties that can affect your personal, family and / or professional life.

Individual or couple counseling is a professional service that can:

  • Provide you with quick and effective help, ie "practical";
  • Support you and advise you appropriately and according to your needs;
  • Help you preserve or regain your emotional balance.


Difficulties at work

Exhaustion, relational problems, difficulty adapting, changes, harassment, etc.

Marital or family difficulties

Separation, divorce, communication, parent / child / adolescent relationships, parenting, etc.

Difficulties adaptating

Depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, stress, moving, etc.

Behavioral problems

ADHD attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, opposition disorder, difficulty adapting, anxiety, etc.


We will give you references to other resources as appropriate.


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110.00$/hour taxes included.

Certain insurances, and EAP (Employee Assistance Program), IVAC (Crime Victims Compensation Act),  will cover these fees.