Family Mediation

Family mediation is a conflict resolution process during or after a couple’s breakup, a separation or a divorce. With the help of an impartial third party, the couple develops a mutually acceptable and lasting settlement that will contribute to the reorganization of their personal and family life.

Negotiating a fair agreement

Family mediation Kim C ServicesThis is an opportunity to be in charge of your destiny by becoming a positive participant in the search of solutions to your struggles in the presence of a neutral party.

Mediation is

a way to help couples agree on these issues:

  • custody of their children and time spent with each parent
  • child support
  • support payments to one of the spouses
  • division of property
  • and any other disagreement are topics discussed in confidentiality.

Mediator's Role

The mediator helps the spouses reach a fair agreement on the subjects discussed during mediation.

To do this, the mediator has these responsibilities:

  • make sure both spouses have a chance to explain their needs and wishes
  • make sure everyone is respectful and both spouses are treated equally during the mediation sessions
  • help the spouses put their children's needs first

The mediator cannot

  • make decisions for the spouses (because mediators are not judges)
  • represent one of the spouses
  • take one spouse's side
  • give legal opinions

The mediator can

  • end the mediation at any time if the session is not going well
  • suggest that the spouses meet with professional if they need specialized opinions on one of the topics discussed
  • give general legal information


According to recent statistics,

  • 82% of couple with children who used family mediation services were able to reach an agreement.
  • In addition, to obtain a judgment of the court, parents who used the services of family mediation, on average, paid fees two times lower than those who didn’t.

Family MediationFamily Mediation


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The Government Mediation Program

Couples who are breaking up can get a certain number of hours of free mediation sessions if they meet all these requirements:

  • They have dependent children.
  • The mediator they choose is certified.
  • The mediator they choose is willing to take part in the government's family mediation program.

Free Sessions
(including time spent outside sessions as part of the mediation process)

  • 5 hours of profession services for a first mediation.
  • 2 hours and 30 minutes, every nine months, after the finalization of the first mediation service.
  • Subsequently the rate is $ 110 / hour, plus taxes.
    Please note that our price is prescribed by law and subject to change without notice and subject to federal and provincial taxes.

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